Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chile - Chiloe Island


From: Hernán - Penpal :)  I love the colors. Thanks! :)
Subject:   Chiloe Island, (Spanish: Isla de Chiloé), also known as Greater Island of Chiloé (Isla Grande de Chiloé), is the largest island of the Chiloé Archipelago off the coast of Chile, in the Pacific Ocean. The island is located in southern Chile, in the Los Lagos Region. The island is the second largest island in Chile (and the fifth largest in South America).  Read more about it on the back of the postcard written by Hernán, or chick here: Chiloe Island.
Stamps: As always very nice stamps! Thanks! The bottom one is a Nativity scene. The next one says "manicero" meaning "Peanut Vendor". The dark one did not scan very well because of the nice gold embossing.  It is in celebration of... I will ask Hernán :)  

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