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Russia - Kolomenskoye


From: Tatiana - Postcrossing - RU-122063
Where: Church of St John the Baptist, located in Kolomenskoye,  South-East Moscow.
Subject: Church of St John the Baptist is a five-tented church located across the ravine from Kolomenskoye, tentatively dated to 1547. Actually, the church's origin is enshrouded in mystery. Some say the masters were Italians, others assign it to Postnik Yakovlev, reputedly the author of Saint Basil's Cathedral on the Red Square. 

Some 2.500 years ago a settlement appeared on the site of the village of Dyakovo, making it one of the oldest inhabited places in the Moscow region.  There are no existing records regarding the date of construction of the Church of the Beheading of St.John the Baptist, but researchers believe that the church may have been built in connection with the coronation of Ivan the Terrible in 1547, or for the expected birth of his son in 1554.  It is a tower-like church without internal supports, designed as a central octagon, flanked by four smaller octagonal chapels. The central tower, measured without its cross, is 34.5 metres high.

The Cathedral of St. Basil on Moscow’s Red Square, which was constructed in 1555-1561, comes closest architecturally to the Church of St.John. The similarity of structural, compositional and decorative elements suggests that both buildings may have been constructed by the same architects, known as Barma and Postnik.

To read more about this church and others buildings of Kolomenskoye check this site out.. Kolomenskoye.

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