Wednesday, March 31, 2010

China - Donglin Temple


From: Gao - Postcrossing - RR#4 Cards with thematic stamps
Subject: This is a very lovely card. :) The back of the card says in Spanish... "Tempo Donglin (Bosque del Este) de la Montana Lushan construido en el siglo IV... so translated is "Donglin Temple (Forest East) of the Lushan Mountain was built in the fourth century.  I think. *smirk*

Donglin Temple (Chinese: 东林寺; pinyin: Dōnglínsì; literally "East Wood Temple") is a Buddhist monastery approximately 20km away from Jiujiang, Jiangxi, People's Republic of China. It was built in 386 at the foot of Lushan by Hui-yuan, founder of the Pure Land Sect of Buddhism. It is a very famous building for how long it has stood up and not collapse. The monastery reached its peak of influence during the Tang Dynasty, but was severely damaged during the Taiping Rebellion and all but destroyed during the Republican period. It currently houses a small community of monks supported by a small farming village in its immediate vicinity.

Stamps:  Lunar - Year of the Tiger.  I love the Tiger with an "attitude" paws on his hips. :)  I also love the very colorful child looking stamps too!  I will look into what they mean. Thanks Gao! :)

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