Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Netherlands - Winter in Holland


Marijke from The Netherlands sent me this snowy image called "Winter in Holland".  The colors in the image are great.  It does not say where these windmills are but they look old and a very fitting site for Holland. :)  Very lovely. Thanks! :)


  1. Hi Dana,
    you have received so wonderful postcards with beautiful stamps. I like your blog so much.


  2. Thanks Julia :)
    I just noticed you have a blog too, and that you scan in the stamps too :) I am still looking over your site. I put the url in Google Translate and can now read it in English :) You have some great cards on there. I will comment on your side. As for mine... I think I still need to tweak the layout. As you can see I somehow lost the top blog bar.

    I started Postcrossing a little over a month ago and so far it has been fun receiving postcards from around the world. :) I have also started to send and receive from penpals on I am starting to get addicted to the forums though. Smirk. BTW.. I sent your card on 2/13/10 so it should be there soon. :)

    I think if I reply to a comment here it sends you a message that I did right? If not I will copy and paste this to your Postcrossing.

    Gute Nacht Julia :)